Expired Domains Come in Different Type, but One is Our Favorite

Expired Domains Come in Different Type, but One is Our Favorite

As you may already know, almost everything online comes in different type. Yep, expired domains as well. The thing is that expired domains are used for various purposes and in different ways, thus the need to classify them as different types.

Knowing these types, and most importantly – recognizing them, will be a huge benefit as you’d know exactly what you need our from a certain expired domain name. So, what are the types?

  1. The Never-renewed

These are the domains that are not renewed by the domain owner on the day when the domains were expiring and are auctioned by the registrar. It’s also known by the name of “pre-release” due the fact that they are being sold before they are released by the DNS registry.

They good thing about these is that you can buy them on open auction and acquire all the benefits that expired domain has. Yet, if bidders are interested in this type of domain the price can get up high and buying this expired domain will come out expensive.

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  1. Firesale

Also known as closeout, these are the expired domains that haven’t been renewed, nor sold on auction, and reached the point where the registry sells them under the BIN tag. This is something like a “last minute” sale point where the registrar can sell the domain before it gets released back to the registry.

  1. On Hold

These expired domains were not renewed by the initial holder, but are still under their control as the registrars usually provide you with 30 day period after the expiration day and keep the domain on hold. These expired domains can be only bought by the owner directly.

  1. Dropout

The dropping expired domains are the ones that are scheduled for termination from the registry. These domains are not auctioned and can be purchased at lower costs – yet the competition is large, so you’d need to act fast on getting one of these.

  1. Terminated

The terminated expired domain names are the ones that don’t exist in the registry anymore. They can be purchased in the standard domain registration process, yet It’s almost impossible to spot one when registering a standard domain name.

Are you purchasing expired domain names? And if so, what type of the ones we mentioned above have you taken so far? We`d love to hear your story!

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